If you are unable to send in a completed application via the website or the mail, we encourage you to attend the Open Call on Saturday, July 11th from 1PM to 7PM. If you would like to come to the open call, please fill out your application in advance and bring that and your photo to the open call. Click here to download the application. Your attendance does not mean that you will be guaranteed an audition, nor will you be guaranteed to get on camera. The line will cut off according to the discretion of the producers, in order to be able to finish the event in the allotted time frame, so please come early. Finally, when attending the open call, you must behave in an orderly and peaceful fashion, or you will be swiftly removed from the premises. If you do get the opportunity to audition in front of the judges you will have 3 minutes to either tell us or show us why you are the Next Reality Star.

By entering the Contest, you acknowledge that the Producers receive numerous submissions of ideas, stories and scripts, and that your entry, and the ideas and stories embodied in it, may be similar or identical to other material received and/or developed by one or more of the Producers. You agree that you are not entitled to any compensation or credit for use by Producers of any such material.